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Membership details


Participation in a RIN Chapter is exclusively reserved for in-house mobility experts of multinational organizations. Participants should be prepared to share their experience and knowledge without, in any way possible, harming the interests of their employer. Under no circumstances confidential information should be requested, provided or published. Information shared or provided remains confidential and is not published nor used for commercial purposes.

Subject to the approval of the employer, participants should be prepared to host a meeting every so many years. A fun way  to have the other participants get acquainted with their company and their specific business environment.

Annual fee

A modest yearly financial contribution is used to cover running costs, such as the maintenance of the website. Participation in RIN is not binding, not subject to other conditions than those described and can be terminated at any time.

In short:

Participation is easy, cost effective and useful. So don't wait any longer and experience the benefits of a non-commercial, educational network for the international mobility manager.

RIN the Knowledge Network

Why join?

RIN gives direct access to colleagues with the same business interests in your region and around the world. RIN provides you, at no cost, with a database of up-to-date practical information from experts in your profession. In short: RIN directly connects you with the world of International Mobility.

How to register?

If you are interested in participating in the RIN network you can sign-up right away. Alternatively, you can request an orientation visit to one of the RIN meetings by contacting RIN Netherlands.

Terms and conditions

Participation in the RIN network is exclusively reserved for employees of multinational companies and organizations, who are responsible for expatriate related matters.