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ATPI Corporate Travel and ATPI Griffinstone

ATPI Corporate Travel and ATPI Griffinstone Operating under the brands ATPI Corporate Travel and ATPI Griffinstone, ATPI is a worldwide Travel Management Company with a dynamic and innovative approach.

This has earned us one of the highest client retention rates in the industry. We think that’s because we understand you need solutions rather than products. Knowing that travel savings, safety & security and bespoke service are your priorities, we guarantee that our highly experienced professionals never stand still in their pursuit of the best solutions for your corporate travel, using our international network. That’s exactly what we deliver to satisfied business clients in many different sectors. From engineering to retail, shipping to education, and sports to media.

The benefits of working with us? A worldwide network with over 100 offices on all continents, bringing greater buying power, process optimization and seamless service across borders. A culture of solving your travel challenges in-house, not by outsourcing or expecting you to make a separate call. Responsive innovation. We’d sooner develop a bespoke application than ask you to accept a compromise. And we’re more interested in how well we deliver our service than how many transactions we complete.

 Discover us at www.atpi.com

Why join?

RIN gives direct access to colleagues with the same business interests in your region and around the world. RIN provides you, at no cost, with a database of up-to-date practical information from experts in your profession. In short: RIN directly connects you with the world of International Mobility.

How to register?

If you are interested in participating in the RIN network you can sign-up right away. Alternatively, you can request an orientation visit to one of the RIN meetings by contacting RIN Netherlands.

Terms and conditions

Participation in the RIN network is exclusively reserved for employees of multinational companies and organizations, who are responsible for expatriate related matters.